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Producing 101 - Meet The Class of 2023!

This spring, 25 new students begin Producing 101, our 11-week, tuition-free course designed to introduce BIPOC to the fundamentals of commercial producing

Producing 101 - Open for Registration!

About Theatre Producers of Color

Theatre Producers of Color (TPOC) is a multifaceted collective of theatremakers joined together in support of the next generation of BIPOC producers by providing access to education, training, and mentorship.

Our flagship educational initiative, Producing 101, introduces students to the fundamentals of commercial producing, connecting a network of BIPOC and White ally producers to a cohort of aspiring BIPOC producers.

About Theatre Producers of Color
About Theatre Producers of Color
About Theatre Producers of Color
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About Theatre Producers of Color
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Class of 2023

Alexandria Wailes
Angelica Vicens
Averi Israel
Bibiana Torres
CJ Ochoco
Cindy Tsai
Esmé Maria Ng
Gustavo Blaauw
Joshua Lee
José Hugo Hurtado
Kahari Blue
Lainie Sakakura
Marla Louissaint
Michael Thanh Tran
Michela Rodriguez
Miho Ueno
Natalie Graves Tucker
Nicole Kwan
Regina De Vera
Seonjae Kim
Sierra Lancaster
Simone Tetrault
Sukhjit Khalsa
Temidayo Amay
Zoë Kim
Selection panel

Meet Our Selection Panel

After receiving the most applications in our program's history, we are thrilled to welcome our third cohort to Producing 101. This year, we had a team of twenty selection panelists reviewing and evaluating applications including Salman Al-Rashid, Victor Cervantes, Jr., Leah Harris, Celia Kaleialoha Kenney, and Irene Lazaridis as final round selection panelists.

2022 alums Anant Das, Cynthia Dorsey, Arysbells Figueredo, Yesenia Garcia Herrington, Vanessa Immink, Sergio Mexia, Afsheen Misaghi, Phoebe Moore, Sujotta Pace, Carmen Quinones, Alexander Robertson, Jacob Santos, Ariana Sarfarazi, Malkia Stampley, and Riza Takahashi also participated as first round selection panelists.


What Our Alumni Have to Say

Cynthia Dorsey

Being apart of the 2022 TPOC cohort gave me an introduction to commercial producing and provided me with a safe space to confront any fears I had attempting to navigate through this section of the entertainment industry. From the guest lectures provided by industry veterans, open and candid conversations about producing for Broadway and the kindredness in mentorship from Sammy Lopez and Miranda Gohh, I completed the Producing 101 course craving more opportunities to learn and to put into practice what I’d learned. As I reflected on what I wanted my next steps to be to meet my career goals, I applied for and was awarded the prestigious Prince/TTLP Fellowship and had an opportunity to co-produce a production of Kinky Boots with fellow TPOC alumni. The best part of this journey has been the continued support of the TPOC community post taking Producing 101. Being apart of this network of likeminded individuals has been an invaluable experience. I am honored to be apart of the next generation of Broadway producers that TPOC has nurtured.

Cynthia Dorsey (2022)

Anant Das

TPOC not only solidified my interest in commercial producing, but truly helped me realize there is a place on the Great White Way for producers who look and think like me. The class equipped me with resources, knowledge, and access to mentors to help me learn the ins and outs of commercial theatre, and I'm grateful for the confidence and reassurance TPOC has given me, the friends, colleagues, and community I've gained, and the opportunities to create the change that I hope to precipitate on Broadway and beyond.

Anant Das (2022)

Riza Takahashi

I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that TPOC presented me with this past year. From the moment I (virtually) stepped into class in the beginning of 2022, I knew this experience would be special - but the education and the opportunities TPOC provides exceeded my expectations. Every class is taught by the highest profile professionals in the industry and filled with the information that is traditionally hard to access. On top of the Producing 101 course, cohorts were also given a chance to put the skills we learned to use in the real world by becoming co-producers on multiple shows, both on and off Broadway. I feel truly lucky to be a part of TPOC and I’m looking forward to witnessing what TPOC and its future cohorts are able to accomplish for the future!

Riza Takahashi (2022)